What We Do?

Dreamvesting Capital leverages the investments of our investor clients to increase our purchasing power, allowing us to acquire larger investment opportunities that have the potential to produce higher returns. Dreamvesting Capital strategically selects these investments from our 3 main areas of focus detailed below:

How We Do It?

Invest with Dreamvesting Capital


You’ve decided to trust us to put your money to work for you. Great Choice!

We Find A Deal Based On Our Buying Potential


We have a very specific criteria that each of our investments must meet. Once we find the deal, we execute quickly to lock it up.

We Purchase The Deal And Begin Improvements


Now that we own the property, it’s time to make the necessary improvements to create the performance we predict in our pro forma. This is the magic that increases a property’s NOI.

Rehab Completed And Rental Begins


We Source tenants for our rental units. Once everything goes according to plan, the property should perform as expected and we’d get the projected ROI.

We Refinance, You Get Paid Or Your Reinvest


After increasing our equity position and improving the property’s NOI, we assess our options based on the terms agreed upon during STEP 1. Typically, it’s either Your dividend payment begins or continues, We Refinance and pay you OR We Refinance, reinvest and continue growing your investment with us.

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